Good Web Design Guides Marketing Success

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So, you need a website, which you have and some social media shout outs to be a successful local business, right? Not at all. The devil is lurking in the details at the side of the Internet highway.
Web design has to work with the finicky search engines, or else, they will not send traffic to your site. Wah wah.

Instead of throwing your hands up, and going back to business as usual, relying on random foot traffic to your door, get on board. The rules of online marketing require that your company have a website that loads quickly, provides contact information and is NOT designed using a mobile web developer.

You were tempted to design your own site, and you well you did. And, maybe you could not figure out why your page hits were dropping. If you were lured into buying the mobile design then you just shot yourself in the foot. This is when I would recommend you contact a professional service like this guelph see website. 

It turns out that mobile development is old and outdated. The issue is that all different devices have different sized screens. Though, with notebooks and desktops, the screens can all manage to load a standard sized web page.

For a mobile device, it is trickier. Though, counter to your intuition, it is easier to use HTML5+ and CSS to remove the borders. That’s it. That’s all it takes to make a site load properly on a mobile device.

Local Mobile Key
The thing to keep in mind is that especially when trucking around a town or city, people will use their mobile phones to find a service or company in the area. That means you need to ensure that your site is mobile friendly.

In addition, make the site simple. Include videos. Make the site clean, and not cluttered. Avoid loud or clashing colors.

Those are the keys and reasons to build a good website for your local business. It is surprisingly simple in some respects.