Why Elizabeth

When you come from a family of 11 kids the way I did, you learn to negotiate from the time you are in the crib. Without being able to do that, you quickly learn nothing gets accomplished. So now I would like to take the skills I learned in the Colbert household and all of the negotiating I’ve done in local, national, and international business and bring that cooperative approach to the halls of Congress to create win-win situations.

I’m excited for you to join me because This is our Time.

I have been a decades-long Lowcountry resident since my father moved the family to South Carolina in 1969.  I know and love the area and the people.

I am  ready to serve the First District of South Carolina as your Congressional Representative.

  • I am a business professional, integral in bringing the world’s largest wind turbine testing facility and thousands of wind energy jobs to the region.
  • I am a  wife, mother and a grandmother, deeply concerned about creating opportunities for our children and grandchildren.
  • I believe in giving back to the community and honoring our military when they serve as well as working to reacclimate them when they return home.  We can’t turn our backs on those who were willing to sacrifice their all to protect the freedom that we all cherish.
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