The Last Word interviews Elizabeth Colbert Busch: MSNBC

Elizabeth Colbert Busch, Democratic congressional candidate for South Carolina’s 1st district, has announced her run for a House seat in an upcoming South Carolina special election. Colbert Busch hopes to fill the congressional seat held by Republican Tim Scott until he was appointed to fill the state’s U.S. Senate seat, left vacant by the resignation of Jim DeMint.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell

Elizabeth Colbert Busch interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell

The would-be politician is already stepping up to settle some long-simmering, controversial debates. For example: how do you pronounce the family’s last name? Colbert Busch who joined MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell in her first national TV interview, says that unlike her famous brother, Stephen Colbert, she pronounces her last name with a hard “t.”

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