Stephen Colbert talks about his sister running for Congress: Colbert Report

Text of Stephen Colbert talking about Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress:

As you know, I am a proud son of South Carolina.  We’ve got the best peaches, the best shrimp, and the most generous average humidity in America, 86%.  Going outside in the summertime is like walking through a refreshing chowder.  And folks, my love for the Palmetto State is why I was a natural choice to fill Jim DeMint’s Senate seat when he stepped down in December.

Now sadly, Governor Nikki Haley appointed Representative Tim Scott, who was the Congressman from my home town of Charleston, leaving that Congressional seat open.  God only knows who they’re going to find to fill it.

VIDEO CLIP  VERONICA DE LA CRUZ (1/21/2013):” Elizabeth Colbert Busch is running for Congress in South Carolina.  She is not related to George W. Bush, but she is related to Stephen Colbert.  That’s his sister.”

Holy cow!  My sister is running for Congress!!

Watch the Full Video here:

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