Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s serious House run: Politico

Elizabeth Colbert Busch has lost at least one election, against some very stiff competition: a vote among the eight Colbert siblings, including her comedian brother Stephen, to decide who’s the funniest.

Even Stephen lost, it turned out.

“My sister Mary won,” she said in a 15-minute phone interview with POLITICO on Friday. “Everybody has a really great Irish sense of humor about them.”It’s safe to say Colbert Busch hopes her nascent campaign for Congress will turn out differently.

With a fundraising hand from her faux-conservative newscaster brother, the Democrat and university administrator is running for a House seat in an upcoming South Carolina special election. The potential general election matchup could be made for comedians like her famous sibling: Colbert Busch is likely to face off against scandal-plagued former Gov. Mark Sanford.

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