Elizabeth Colbert Busch Welcomes Endorsement of Former Democratic Candidate Bobbie Rose in 1st Congressional District Contest

For Immediate Release
Contact: Catherine Christman
(803) 240-5863

CHARLESTON, SC. January 30, 2013 – Two days after Bobbie Rose withdrew from the race for the 1st Congressional district, the former Democratic candidate announced she was throwing her full support behind Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

“I believe that many of the issues District 1 is facing will be tackled most effectively by Elizabeth Colbert Busch. I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy and I urge my supporters to spend their time and efforts getting her elected. I am honored to accept the role of Special Advisor to her campaign.”

In response, Colbert Busch said, “I am honored to receive Bobbie’s endorsement. She has been a tremendous voice for those who have had no one who would speak for them. I am gratified that she will continue to be a strong Democratic presence and advocate for the people in District 1, and as a Special Advisor to my campaign, I will welcome her insights on issues of importance to our community.”


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