Issues & Policies

There are many reasons why Elizabeth Colbert Busch is running for Congress to represent the people of the first district of South Carolina.  Below are some of the issues that are close to her heart along with her positions on each of them.

We ask that you take the time to read them in order to gain a better understanding of what she seeks to do in Washington as your Congresswoman.

Colbert Busch Economic Policy

Elizabeth is a business professional who understands a strong middle class and small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Economic growth and job creation are her top priority. She is committed to a quick resolution on sequestration, a fair tax code, and opportunities that allow small businesses to succeed.  Learn More.

Colbert Busch Education Policy

Education is a direct investment in our individual and collective prosperity. Elizabeth believes we must make great public schools available to all of our children from pre-k to high school, technical school and beyond. She will fight for high standards, accountability and to put great teachers in every classroom. Learn More.

Colbert Busch Fiscal Policy

America faces $16 trillion in debt and Washington operates in a constant state of crisis and bickering. Elizabeth believes that America’s best years are ahead if we focus on priority spending, a fairer tax code and long-term solutions. She promises to be practical and not political, replacing politics and extremism with rational debate and real solutions. Learn More.

Colbert Busch Healthcare Policy

As the daughter of a doctor, Elizabeth is committed to making quality, affordable health care available for all Americans. She believes in investing in prevention and disease research, lowering costs, and reducing waste and fraud. Learn More.colberts_united_fundraiser_220x225

Colbert Busch Immigration Policy

America’s immigration system is broken and it’s time we fix it. Elizabeth will work to enact comprehensive reform that secures our borders, provides a tough but fair path to citizenship for deserving immigrants, and ensures our admission policies reflect the needs of America’s economy. Learn More.

Colbert Busch Seniors Policy

Our parents and grandparents have built our country and our community. Elizabeth believes it is our obligation to help our seniors in retirement. In Congress, she will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare to help our seniors have some peace of mind after a lifetime of hard work. Learn More.

Colbert Busch Veterans Policy

Like so many in the 1st District, Elizabeth’s family and friends have been touched by military service. She is committed to helping veterans and will hold the VA accountable, ensuring that veterans and their families receive the benefits, employment opportunities, and health care that they deserve. Learn More.

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