Sanford False Attacks

Colbert Busch Responds to Sanford False Attacks | Press Release

Colbert Busch Responds to Sanford False Attacks

“If there is anyone out there who believes that a board member of the Chamber of Commerce – not to mention the chairwoman of the South Carolina Maritime Association, chairwoman of the International Trade Conference and one of the Journal of Commerce’s Top 20 Women in Transportation – is in the pocket of big labor, I have some oceanfront property in Wyoming for you. In my role at Clemson University, I have been delighted to work so closely with Boeing on research and development in this community, as well as working together to strengthen our workforce through science, technology, engineering and math education. I couldn’t be more pleased that a strong partner like Boeing is expanding here.
“I’m not surprised at Mark Sanford’s false attacks on my character, because I am receiving overwhelming support from across the political spectrum – Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. We’re getting support from so many different corners because the people of South Carolina want a tough, independent businesswoman to bring that same attitude to Washington and solve our country’s problems. I have refused to take any special interest pledges because my only pledge is to the people of South Carolina – and that is exactly why so many diverse groups are backing me.”

Campaign Press Secretary James Smith added:

“Former Governor Mark Sanford spent most of his career opposing the very public-private partnerships that are key to job growth, and even opposed funding for the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and improving the Charleston Harbor. The fact is, we can’t rely on Mark to commit to bringing industry and the public together to create jobs. These false attacks on Elizabeth are part of a pattern of dishonesty, and we won’t let it stand.”

Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a tough and independent businesswoman who is deeply rooted in our community. One of 11 children, Elizabeth helped her family after her father and two brothers were killed in a plane crash. She worked her way through college and then up from the bottom in the Port industry, and she knows how to create good jobs. Elizabeth has refused to take any pledges to special interests or political action committees because her only pledge will be to the people she represents.